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    Women at work

    With the evolving social norms and globalised world, organisations are radically changing the way they work. Gender parity is fast adopted as a foundational component in any business growth strategy. Statistics show that it has a significant impact of financial results, government practices, clients and even employee satisfaction.

    In our Women at Work Programs we deliver change by covering three major components which are cognitive, affective and behavioural.

    These are journey based customised programs curated in line with the organisation’s objectives and goals. The women at work programs include:

    Diagnostics and Content Design

    Leadership Assessment

    Blended Learning (Virtual + Classroom)

    Group Coaching

    Individual Mentoring

    Leadership Coaching

    Leadership Coaching is a powerful tool that helps team and organizations achieve most of the challenging and growth-oriented objectives.

    Through detailed diagnostics and analysis of organisational requirements, we develop a mix of concepts, workshops and programs that cover:

    Behavioral Change Management Programs

    Executive Coaching for Driving Collaboration

    Talent Assessment for Leadership Development

    Pride- LGBTQ

    Workplace diversity has been in vogue for some time, but many companies are still struggling to define what it means for their organization, why it is important, and how to include LGBT+ persons in their talent management strategy.

    A well-managed diverse workforce will both reduce costs and generate greater profit, with companies that employ a diverse workforce having 35 percent higher financial returns than national averages.

    We help you define diversity and inclusion charter and will collaborate to aid diversity at every step of the implementation process that includes,

    Anti-harassment and antidiscrimination policy consultation.

    Compensation and Benefits policy consultation to ensure benefits package is relevant to all employees.

    Organization-Wide Diversity Training

    Specific diversity and inclusion training for people managers to ensure they fully understand this responsibility and know how to act on it.

    PWD – Persons with Disabilities

    Less than 1% of the Indian Corporate workforce are PwDs, there is an urgent and acute need to implement progressive measures to include and tap into the PwD talent pool. Despite increased awareness towards disability-friendly workplaces at the global level, accepted inclusion of Persons with Disability (PwD) is still a challenge in India.

    From sourcing to rolling out focused initiatives ‘The Outcast Collective’ partners with organisations for,

    • Creating targeted and customised sourcing tie-ups with NGOs, and job fairs and tapping into other sourcing channels
    • Consulting organisation on technology and infrastructure investments to meet the needs of every category of disability
    • Identifying the right roles and fitment
    • Designing need-based training and development
    • Rolling out focussed sensitisation initiatives

    Neurodivergent Inclusion

    It is estimated that 15-20% of the population is neurodivergent and around 1 in 45 people is on the autistic spectrum. Too often neurodivergent persons are noted as under-performing.

    Feedback is often focused on what the individual needs to do in order to improve, instead of looking at environmental factors which could be limiting their ability to be successful. The Outcast Collective helps organisations ready for neurodivergent persons.

    • Targeted and customised sourcing tie-ups with NGOs, job fairs and tapping into other sourcing channels
    • Identifying the right roles and fitment
    • Designing need-based training and development
    • Specific training interventions for People managers

    Gender Equity and Inclusion:

    Women are more at risk of losing their jobs compared to men, and the pandemic has further increased the vulnerability of women’s jobs. Despite only 39% of women being employed globally, they account for 54% of global job losses. Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, but a necessary foundation for a progressive, thriving, sustainable and profitable business and society at large. Despite a growing focus on gender equity, inequalities between men and women and stark gender disparities remain, including unequal pay, opportunities and leadership roles both in and out of the board room.

    The Outcast Collective believes in catalysing progressive systemic changes through:

    Organisation-wide Unconscious bias training

    Equal pay & equal opportunity frameworks

    POSH policy consulting and implementation

    Gender equity awareness training and action plan.

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