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The Outcast Collective

The Outcast Collective (TOC) is a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion consulting and advisory firm. The Outcast Collective was started with a mission to bring those individuals on the margins to the center. We catalyse dialogues about matters that have historically stayed out of the societal and organisational periphery yet challenging the norm.

We have commenced the activity through conversations and community work and now we are confidently stepping into policy consulting. In the corporate spaces, we extend this scope to professionals, for seamless assimilation into the workforce. The Outcast Collective endeavors to prepare organisations to be geared for working with the different, for greater results.

We recognise and deeply understand that the Diversity Equity Inclusion agenda is way broader than headcounts, programs, and policies but about intent, action, commitment and culture.

We endorse that for every workplace to thrive, grow and be successful it must nurture a safer work environment and an inclusive work culture, in which all genders, sexual minorities, people of various ethnicity, race, caste and nationalities feel valued and get to participate equally in the organisation building; and society at large.

Action: Inclusive Works

DEI Workshops, Policy Consulting for ensuring workplaces and communities are truly inclusive.

Impact: Collective Study

The Outcast Collective conducts study and create tools that provide DEI actionable guidance for orgs and communities

Awareness: Outcast Dialogues

Curates and organises conversations,webinars, panel discussions, events and campaign on inclusion of diverse social groups.

Why DEI ?



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Allyship in Action

Being an “ally” is more than a label. It’s about being willing to act with and for others in pursuit of creating equity. To build a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace demands both structural and individual change.

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