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PoSH Laws in Different Jurisdictions

  Apr 2 2024 | admin

A specific law to prevent sexual harassment (“PoSH”) ensures greater safety in the workplace and enables grievances to be addressed...


How can you tell if your workplace is actually inclusive?

  Aug 25 2022 | admin

A practical guide to recognizing Unconscious Bias and tips to make your workplace inclusive:    Inclusive workplaces recognize their Unconscious Biases...


Building women leadership pipeline

  Jul 26 2022 | admin

What happens when women try to move from entry-level to managerial jobs: In the financial year 2022, there was no...


Startups and POSH Compliance- what you need to know

  Jun 24 2022 | admin

In 2013, the Government of India took the monumental step to mitigate misconduct in corporate structures through the Prevention of...


How Diversity Conflict Can Be Solved in the Workplace

  Jun 14 2022 | admin

Diversity and inclusion need to be understood and the stalwarts that are essential to maintain and uphold the science that...


Going Beyond Rainbow Washing for Pride 2022

  Jun 1 2022 | admin

The anticipation of the Rainbow Washing that will inevitably come with Pride Month has already started taking the LGBTQIA+ community...


Why your organisation must invest in parental benefit policy

  May 17 2022 | admin

You may have heard of maternity benefit and paternity benefit policies, but have you heard of parental benefit policy? Parental...


6 Steps for creating an inclusive job advertisement

  May 10 2022 | admin

The first step of making the workplace inclusive starts with inclusive hiring. Inclusive hiring starts with floating information about the...


Neurodiversity Inclusion – 7 Steps for Creating an Inclusive Workplace

  May 3 2022 | admin

About one-fourth of the world’s population is under the ambit of the neurodiversity spectrum, however, most are unaware of the...


The Great Indian Resignation- Attrition and Retention in Workplaces

  Apr 26 2022 | admin

With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, workplaces as we know witnessed a tremendous amount of change all around the...


The Importance of Training and Coaching in the making of...

  Apr 13 2022 | admin

Corporates in India are looking more enthusiastic than ever to make their workplace inclusive of employees from diverse groups. Issues...


Corporate Feminism and Why Its Harmful to Women

  Mar 31 2022 | admin

Posters that say “girlboss”, women’s day speeches proclaiming “women can have it all” and if they do manage to “have...


3 Ds of Bystander Intervention for Workplace Safety

  Mar 14 2022 | admin

Have you ever been witness to an act of harassment, bullying or any other form of workplace misconduct? A recent...


How maternity benefit policies can help improve gender diversity in...

  Feb 28 2022 | admin

Recently, State Bank of India had formulated new rules that declared a woman candidate with more than three months pregnancy...


How to Measure Progress of Inclusive Workplace

  Dec 21 2021 | admin

In today’s world making your workplace inclusive for diverse employees is no longer an option or a choice. For every...


Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui More Than a Movie Review

  Dec 14 2021 | admin

Article By Ritushree Let me start this article with a disclaimer. The opinion and review of the movie are purely...


10 Ways to Make your Workplace Trans Inclusive

  Nov 19 2021 | admin

The world celebrates Transgender Awareness Week from November 13th to 19th leading up to the Trans Remembrance Day on November...


Post Pandemic Impact on Diversity and Inclusion Practices

  Nov 9 2021 | admin

It has been almost two years since we have been fighting this pandemic crisis. The employees are constantly crying for...


How Measuring Inclusion in The Workplace Can Help?

  Nov 2 2021 | admin

Having a diverse as well as an inclusive environment creates a sense of belongingness amongst all employees. When your employees...


7 Points to Set and Meet and Your Organization Diversity...

  Oct 28 2021 | admin

The diversity with workforce be it for ethnicity, gender, and age diversity is usually linked with strong organizational performance. Then...