7 Points to Set & Meet and Your Organization Diversity Goals
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7 Points to Set and Meet and Your Organization Diversity Goals

  Oct 28 2021 | admin

The diversity with workforce be it for ethnicity, gender, and age diversity is usually linked with strong organizational performance. Then there are other workforce diversity benefits like driving innovation, creating skill diversity. And all of this makes any company much more appealing with the broader candidate and customer demographics.

But how can one gain a diverse workforce?

Here we shall be taking a look at the 7 points that can help you in meeting the diversity goals in your company!

1. Identifying Organizational Make-Up

The first one has to be aware of the company’s makeup in terms of gender, race, geography, and age. For having a clear observation, answer some of the questions below:

  • In each of the teams set up what’s the representation of minorities (Asians, Hispanics, Blacks, etc).
  • What is the number of women holding leadership positions?
  • Does the management consist mainly of employees belonging to a specific religion or community?

When you have credible data of such factors in the company, you can identify the varied areas one needs to focus on that will help with company diversity goals. This data for example will reveal the way hiring teams are finding it difficult for searching diverse candidates that will fit in specific roles or if the company managers are showing any kind of gender bias.

2. Set the Responsibilities and Roles Right

For ensuring that the plans get implemented correctly, people that are involved must have an awareness of the task. In simpler terms, make clear goals for everyone. This should include diverse hiring leads, recruitment teams, managers, employees, and HR.

3. Search for Sourcing Channels with Diverse Nature

This can sound obvious while you think about it, correct? Searching for diverse sources will mean:

  • Making Use Of Diverse Job Board:

The thing for examples where women are in Tech and IBM diversity.

  • Solutions on Employee Referrals:

Referrals might be the best way for getting diverse hires and this is why more companies make use of the referral program software. This is for attracting candidates and also diversification of hiring efforts.

The specialized diversity referral platform will be prompting candidates for looking ahead of the traditional network and driving referrals not just by their close friends, but also different people from the social network and email lists.

As the platforms are also data-driven these can land in diverse referrals than when we compare it with referral programs by the traditional employee.

  • Attend Diversity Job Fetes:

There are several instances of such job fairs across the globe. One must attend the diversity event as these are the best ways for building the brand image via strategic partnerships.

  • Collaboration With The State Employment Agency And The Local Meet-Ups:

While partnering with local meet-ups and state employment agency is the best way for expanding the diversity hiring effort. Make sure you don’t forget to share the job openings as well.

  • Connecting With Local Schools And Universities:

This is going to be interesting as the companies are mainly looking forward to hiring graduates.

4. For a More Diverse Reach Partner with Varied Communities

When you need a diversity hiring program for becoming successful, one has to make sure that it is representing the community that you operate with and the concern understanding.  How can you do that? By partnering with such communities!

5. Implementation of Recruitment Practices That Are Bias-Free

For achieving the workforce diversity aims, you must be implementing bias-free recruitment practices. Make use of the right language, technology, and communications. Some examples are:

  • Blind Interviews.
  • Using job descriptions that are diversity-friendly.
  • Make use of the interview questions that are the same for all candidates.
  • Using varied sourcing channels for preparing a strong pipeline.
  • Having higher minority representation for hiring the teams.

6. Providing Workplace that’s Discrimination Free

For retaining the employees from under-represented communities, you must be offering an inclusive workplace. It shouldn’t be discriminating on race, demography, age, sex, gender, religion, or marriage.

7. Constantly, Evaluate, Optimize and Keep Monitoring the Efforts

When you need to know if the inclusion and diversity efforts have been working, one has to monitor and also evaluate the initiatives. You will achieve this by:

  • Taking surveys for employee satisfaction every quarter.
  • Taking monthly meetings with HR managers.
  • Meetings every 6 months with stakeholders.

Some metrics that need to be tracked include:

  • Higher retention.
  • Increased minority representation on varied levels.
  • Pay disparity decreases.
  • Enhanced productivity.

Final Thoughts

Understand that the points above aren’t the complete list. Mainly because the points mentioned above shall initiate many ideas and discussions. But hopefully provides a broader idea of the kind of changes that can be made for achieving diversity goals in your company.

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