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Cultivate a thriving and inclusive workplace culture

We partner with organizations to co-create Diversity, Equity, and inclusion journeys. With a proven track record in the organizational and people development space, we offer behavior-culture change management and policy consulting with a vision of co-creating inclusive workplaces. We enable Affirmative Action and Equal Employment objectives at workplaces for individuals with intersecting and overlapping social identities.

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    Why TOC?

    We catalyze dialogues about Gender equity, LGBTQIA+ inclusion, and fair treatment for all the underrepresented groups that are generally kept out of boardrooms and challenge the status quo. We recognize and deeply understand that the Diversity-Equity-Inclusion agenda is broader than just headcounts, programs, and policies but is about intent, action, commitment, and culture.

    Here’s how we help:


    Climate survey and Diagnostics


    Inclusive HR policy consulting


    Inclusion workshops and inclusive leadership coaching


    Diversity Councils & Employee Resource group set up

    Our Work includes

    Gender Equity and Inclusion:

    Globally, women make up 39 percent of total employment. They also account for 54 percent of overall job losses indicating that they are more at risk of losing their jobs compared to men. The pandemic has further increased the vulnerability of women’s jobs. Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right but a necessary foundation for a progressive, thriving, sustainable, and profitable business and society.

    Despite a growing focus on gender equity, inequalities between men and women and stark gender disparities remain, including unequal pay, inequitable opportunities, and inadequate leadership roles both in and out of the boardroom.

    The Outcast Collective believes in catalysing progressive systemic changes through:

    Organisation-wide Unconscious bias training

    Equal pay & equal opportunity frameworks

    POSH policy consulting and implementation

    Gender equality awareness training and action plan.

    Pride- LGBTQ

    Fostering a culture of belonging for the LGBTQ people through allyship, DE&I Consultation, training, and coaching.

    Workplace diversity is gaining momentum, but a gap exists in including LGBT+ persons in the mainstream talent management strategy. Industry bodies, government agencies, non-profit organisations, educational institutions, and even the parent groups who are keen to bring about the change believe that there is a lack of knowledge and understanding on how to go about the effective inclusion of LGBTQ persons.

    For the inclusion of LGBTQ folks, we help you define the diversity and inclusion charter and collaborate to aid inclusion at every step of the implementation process. Our services include:

    • Custom Designed Interventions (Training and Coaching) for Leaders, Managers, Individual Contributors, and Functional Groups
    • Setting up Employee resource groups (ERG)
    • Communication Partner
    • Integrating DEI with L&D and OD initiatives
    • Behavior Change initiative and community building

    PWD – Persons with Disabilities

    Less than 1% of the Indian Corporate workforce are PwDs, there is an urgent and acute need to implement progressive measures to include and tap into the PwD talent pool. Despite increased awareness towards disability-friendly workplaces at the global level, accepted inclusion of Persons with Disability (PwD) is still a challenge in India.

    From sourcing to rolling out focused initiatives ‘The Outcast Collective’ partners with organisations for,

    • Identifying the right roles and fitment
    • Designing need-based training and development
    • Rolling out focussed sensitisation initiatives
    • Advisory for organisations on technology and infrastructure investments to cater to the needs of every category of disability

    Neurodivergent Inclusion

    It is estimated that 15-20% of the population is considered neurodivergent, with approximately 1 in 45 individuals falling on the autistic spectrum. Unfortunately, neurodivergent individuals are frequently labeled as under-performers. Feedback often fixates on what the individual must improve, neglecting the examination of environmental factors that might hinder their potential for success.

    Championing neurodivergent inclusion involves implementing strategies that create an environment where individuals with diverse neurological profiles feel valued and supported.

    Here’s how we contribute to Neurodivergent Inclusion:

    • Identifying the right roles and fitment
    • Designing need-based training and development
    • Specific training interventions for People managers
    • Developing systems for accessibility and support


    We partnered with COLGATE GLOBAL BUSINESS SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED Global Business Services (CGBS) to build a conversation around gender sensitisation and LGBTQIA+ inclusion for Pride Month 2022.

    While the topics ranged from understanding gender and sexuality to Pride Month and its history, the collective aim was ONE- building a truly inclusive workplace for the LGBTQIA+ community.

    Team TOC congratulates CGBS for its efforts toward creating an inclusive workplace and celebrating the diversity of its workforce!

    Our Clients

    Thank you very much for an enlightening session Ritushree & Lakshmi. Lots of learning!

    Prafulla Bargaje


    It was a wonderful series, with lots of learning! Thanks, Ritushree, Lakshmi, and the DE&I team. Happy Pride Month everyone!

    Kalyani Inamdar


    Thanks to the DE&I team for organising this event. Great session and very interactive. Aligned with our core values of Being courageous, caring, and inclusive. Thanks to The Outcast Collective, Lakshmi Sreenivasan for the session and patiently answering all the queries. It was indeed very insightful.

    Ganesh Sankararaman

    Director (Global IT) at Colgate Palmolive